Tuesday, June 7, 2011

my first ride.

i completely forgot to finish writing about my amazing memorial day weekend festivities. gosh, i've been so busy lately unwinding from a weekend full of wine festivities and prepping for our wedding getaway.

after our relaxing saturday over MDW, we spent the entire sunday bbq'ing it up with my family who was visiting from out of town. i am obsessed with summer bbq's. nothing beats an outdoor feast loaded with burgers, hotdogs, pasta salad and ice cold beverages. i love it! then on monday we woke up early (again!) and boyfriend decided to take me on my first official bike ride around dc. i was a little hesitant because i didn't feel 100% comfortable riding on the busy streets. but boyfriend assured me that we would mostly stick to bike paths. oh, and we would only go about 8 miles.

8 miles my butt. what a trickster that guy is. we ended up biking for 3 hours! and went 15 miles!!! man, i am one biking machine, let me tell ya. we started our journey in georgetown and made our way all through northwest and then on to capitol hill and then all the way back home through arlington cemetary. it was very, very challenging. about 2 hours in my tushy started going numb (i need some of those biking shorts with all the padding!) and not to mention it was 100 degrees that day! we were sweating bullets.

even though it was tough and i was sore for days, i'm super glad i did it. i'm even more glad that i brought my handy dandy camera along for the ride. i was able to capture some neat shots all around the city and we happened to see the start of the dc memorial day parade. if it wasn't so hot we would have stuck around and watched it.

it was such a cool experience, and again, i love living where i do and having the opportunity to hop on a bike and see all the magical sites dc has to offer. here are just a few pics from our little adventure.


Laura said...

Visiting from 20sb. I am impressed you braved the streets of DC. Your pictures are great.

Fash Boulevard said...

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cailen ascher said...

i haven't gone for a bike ride in years! you're post has me inspired to pull the bike out - hopefully it's still rideable : )


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