Thursday, June 9, 2011

refreshment needed.

this week has been uncomfortably hot in dc and it has me dreaming of delicious cold beverages at the beach. 

i'm not obsessed with fruity cocktails - i mostly stick with beer, wine, or straight liquor (i know, classy) - but all these cravings probably have something to do with the fact that we leave in 2 weeks for miami!! i can't wait to relax by the beach and indulge for five days straight!

want to know what else is exciting? today is my friday! i'm volunteering until 1pm tomorrow at a donation house and then a group of us are driving to west virginia for my friend's wedding! it's going to be a very long car ride, but i'm excited to reunite with all my college girlfriends and party the weekend away! 

do you have a favorite summer cocktail you like to drink while on vacation?

p.s. i would love to have a few guest posts while i'm away in miami, but i don't really know how that works. i feel all blogger shy! i would love, love for some of my favorite blogger ladies to grace the screen of a pocket full of chuckles, but i feel like they might think it's silly since i'm not very advanced in the blogosphere. but i think i just have to put that aside and find some lovely ladies who are willing to help a newbie out! i just love every single one of you guys that i don't want to leave you all hanging for five days! if anyone has tips or would even like to guest post while i'm gone (june 22-27) please email me. you can find my address in the contact toolbar above. xoxo!


Shannon Pate said...

I'm not a big fan of the "fruity" drink either! I'll stick with my beer. But something fruity on some beach... somewhere would be FANTABULOUS right now! It's been 100 degrees here in East Texas every day this week. LOVE your blog... I'm a new follower.

cailen ascher said...

for a refreshing summer drink i like vodka & club with a splash of cranberry...and a fresh squeeze of lime. it's light, refreshing and delicious : )

(ps emailed you back about guest posting - thanks for asking me!!!)


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