Tuesday, June 28, 2011

relaxed and sick.

hi friends.
i'm back from our wonderful vacation in miami
where we spent five relaxing days laying at the beach, swimming in the clear blue ocean and reading on our very own rooftop pool.
and somehow i managed to get sick on the 4th day.
but i powered through the last day two days we were there
and now paying for it.
my throat is sore. my nose is stuffy. and my head is cloudy.
i'll be back soon because i can't wait to share miami with all of you.

our rooftop pool!

p.s. another special thanks to cailen and jenni for guest posting while i was gone.
you girls rock!


Remy said...

Hope you had fun Erica! Feel better soon!

cailen ascher said...

wow - rooftop pool?! how cool is that?! sounds like an awesome trip

hope you feel better soon (and thanks for the shout out : )


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