Friday, June 3, 2011

something tells me i'm into something good.

how did this feel like the longest week ever, and it was a short week! i'm so thrilled that today is friday and that this weekend marks the start to one of the busiest months i've ever had.

tomorrow i'm spending the entire day at a wine festival. rough life. and i get to spend sunday with the cutest little newborn. boyfriend became an uncle on tuesday, which means i'm pretty much an aunt - for the 2nd time. how lucky am i? being an aunt is the best job in the world.

i have another short week next week. one of my sorority sisters is getting married in charleston, wv and we have a jam-packed carpool making the long trek on friday. despite the long car ride, i can't wait for the wedding. i mean, who DOESN'T LIKE WEDDINGS?!

then in 2 weeks i'm introducing boyfriend to my extended family in jersey. my loud, big, italian family. he has no idea what he's in for. oh, and we happen to be going to a concert, too. then 3 days after we get back from that circus we are off to M-I-A-M-I!!

such a fun-filled and jam-packed month we have coming up and i can't wait for all the festivities!

welp, i'm off to spend the rest of my day having an hour of happiness with a close friend and then cuddled on the couch watching a movie with my love. i'll probably be snacking on some of these as well....

hope you all have a lovely weekend!
any fun plans?

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