Thursday, June 2, 2011

a top chef weekend.

as you all know i'm obsessed with top chef and when boyfriend and i found out that their tour was coming to dc, we jumped at the chance to catch the quick-fire style cooking event. the event was free to the public and seating was based on a first-come, first-served basis. you weren't able to pre-register so we wanted to make sure we arrived early for the morning show. we got to eastern market (my favorite place in the city) around 9am, and were happy to see that the line was super short! after a long hour of standing in line, we put our names on the list and were able to stroll around the market for 30 minutes before being led into the tent.


i've been a fan of top chef ever since it started and my favorite contestant has been spike. he is so dreamy such a fantastic chef AND he lives and has a restaurant in dc - added bonus! so when i found out about this tour and that HE would be competing against ariane (a fellow new jersey'er!), i knew i had to be there. so once we found our seats we found out about the devastating news - spike was stuck in LA and wasn't going to be competing.


but, i was too hungry to stay pissed. they flew in nikki cascone that morning to take spike's place in the cook-off. it took me a bit to remember her, but it came back to me when she opened her mouth - the staten island girl from season 4 who pretty much only cooked italian food.

so they had ariane and nikki on opposite ends of the tent and each had their own cooking station. if you've seen top chef you know that the quick-fire challenges are very fast paced and they usually have one main ingredient to work with. for this quickfire they had to cook with Hake, which is a light fish (i had never heard of it until then) all the Hake and side ingredients were purchased at eastern market - which i just loved! eastern market has the best local produce and fish. i was eager to try it all out.

they each had 15 minutes to cook and during this time the host (no, not padma!) asked questions and we were able to hear all the inside gossip from their season! once the 15 minutes were up, little plates were passed around and every single person in the tent got to try out their dishes! my personal favorite, which happened to be the winning dish, was ariane's cocounut crusted hake with cabbage ginger slaw (bottom right). it was super crunchy and moist. i was not a fan of nikki's. her dish was soggy and bland.

even though spike was a no show, i'm so glad boyfriend and i were able to get seats and get in on the top chef fun. it was definitely a highlight of our memorial day weekend. i love how we live in a place that has activities like this for the public to join - for free nonetheless! we always look for new and exciting things to do around dc and this was definitely one of them!

how was your memorial day weekend?
do anything new and exciting?


JUST ME said...

My favorite show is Chopped - which is like Top Chef without all the personality drama...after a while Top Chef got to me - mostly because so many of those people seemed intolerable....

Besides, I love the "mystery basket" elements!

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