Tuesday, June 14, 2011

what i am craving and what i collect.

(homemade buffalo chicken tenders)

boyfriend and i made these last weekend after the wine fest (which reminds me that i need to post pictures from it!) and they were delicious! we made our very own buffalo sauce, pan-fried and then baked the chicken strips for 20 minutes and served them with some veggies (to try and make ourselves feel better about the fried and buttered chicken...) the best part was we had leftovers for days and threw the rest into salad mixes. yum yum yum.

i follow a few food blogs to find some inspiration for meals boyfriend and i can cook and found this site a few weeks back. i've had it bookmarked in hopes to try some of these delicious-looking recipes. how crazy is this: s'mores cake in a jar!! it combines two of my favorite things - smores. and mason jars!!

i think i have a slight obsession with jars. yup - jars. i'm so cool. i've been collecting them over the last few months and i have a list of ideas on different ways to use them. this recipe by how sweet it is just moved to the top of my list and i can't wait to make s'mores cake!

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Steph said...

I just ate a GIANT dinner but this post has made me crave even more!

cailen ascher said...

omg s'mores...in a jar?! i am in love.

ps emailed you my guest post : )

AJ said...



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