Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a very special day.

today is a very special day because it is boyfriend's birthday!

happy birthday to the love of my life. you have blessed the last (almost) two years of my life. you continuously surprise me and you always know how to make me laugh (even when you only take pictures like the one above) i can't wait to celebrate with you tonight!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

simple sangria.

i've been a huge fan of sangria ever since i lived in spain during the summer of 2006. you can't any much better than that in the sangria world.

over the fourth of july weekend boyfriend and i decided to make our own. we had never done it before but we were pretty confident in our ingredients. all very basic and we items we already had in the fridge - we didn't have to leave the house! even though it wasn't as good as the sangria i was drinking daily in spain, it was still pretty tasty! one thing we would have changed was the sweetest. it could have been a bit sweeter, but i think that's because we didn't add any triple sec. but that didn't stop us from drinking the entire thing :)

so here is a little tuesday recipe for some simple sangria:

step 1:
gather the following for your liquid base:

1 cup of your favorite juice
(we chose cherry lemonade - another great choice would be pomegranate)
1 cup of seltzer water
(i think we should have used some triple sec instead to make it sweeter)
1 cup of orange juice
1 bottle of cabernet sauvignon

step 2:
cut up bits of your favorite fruit and throw into your favorite pitcher. we decided to use:

1 orange
1 gala apple

step 3:
stir and let it chill for 2-4 hours. then pour, and enjoy!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


for the last few months boyfriend and i have been dreaming up our next big vacation together. in the last two years of dating we've been to the beaches of north and south carolina, san francisco, atlantic city, virginia beach, and miami. we want our next vacation to be big. and epic... adventurous and foreign.

we've seriously considered traveling to peru in the spring of 2012 to experience south american culture and hike machu picchu. this would be a dream vacation for both of us and completely EPIC. we've also dreamt about galivanting around europe for two weeks and hitting up places like ireland and amsterdam. but last night, as we were watching the latest season of weeds (yes, we already caught up), the episode was about copenhagen. and we were instantly mesmorized.

denmark had never been on either of our bucket list of countries to visit. why you ask? who even knows! but the more we started thinking about it, the more amazing it felt.







wouldn't it be grand to spend two weeks in copenhagen, amsterdam, and ireland? i can't stop dreaming about it. so whether we decide to go to peru, or europe, or even if it's back to the carolina's, i cannot wait to start planning our next big vacation. i'm hoping to make these dreams into a reality!

where is your dream vacation spot?

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

dear photograph.

i stumbled across this website, dear photograph a few months ago and

this site is for people to submit a picture of a picture from the past in the present.

comlicated? well, just take a look. these are currently my faves.

all images {via}

aren't these so cool? i can't wait to try this out!

have you ever done something like this before? if not, make sure to check out dear photograph!

Monday, July 18, 2011

the sweetest.

we went to the grocery store last night after returning from our weekend getaway from virginia beach and found THE SWEETEST pineapple.

and THE SWEETEST man cut it up for us and wished us a grand old night.


i've always loved pineapple. i love how tangy and sweet it is. i love how bright it is. and i love pina coladas and upside down pineapple cake. boyfriend and i have been stuffing our faces with pineapple for the last two nights while we obsessively try and finish watching weeds.

i got into weeds about 3 years ago and was instantly hooked. it's hysterical. then i stopped getting showtime and couldn't watch it anymore. boyfriend and i found ALL the seasons on netflix and have been watching them nonstop for the last two weeks. we just finished season five and can't wait to start up season six. if you don't get showtime, then try netflix. and if you don't have netflix then try some illegal downloading. because it's worth it. even if you get caught.

well, that's all for now. i hope all you had a fab weekend! the weather was amazeballs in virginia beach. too bad we didn't make it to the beach. but we did swim in the pool for some 12 hours and i also managed to drink about 3 bottles of wine. or something like that. i love family parties.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

fort reno.

one of the best things about dc in the summer time is all the fun and free outdoor activities they put on.

like every friday in rosslyn there is a free outdoor movie festival. imagine a drive-ins, minus the cars, and people bring blankets.

and every tuesday and thursday there is a free outdoor music concert series at ft. reno park.

last thursday boyfriend's friend was playing at ft. reno so it was the perfect chance to see fort reno and listen to some free tunes!

it was a gorgeous night. the fireflies were out, kids were running around dancing, and fireworks were going off the in the distant.

just a little sliver of history for you -  fort reno was involved in the only cival war battle to take place in DC and the fort still stands there today. it was really neat to see the old fort in the distance behind the stage.

the park was packed with so many people ranging from all different age groups. it makes me so happy that things like this go on for the community. everyone was relaxing on some blankets, munching on snacks and dancing to the music. it was a great way to spend a thursday night after a long day of work - listening to some free music without a care in the world. i can do this every thursday!

and of course we had to close out the night with some tasty ice cream from the curbside ice cream truck! isn't boyfriend so charming? p.s. i forgot how much i l.o.v.e those ice pops!

welp, that's all for now. i'm off tomorrow for a quick little weekend vacay in virginia beach with boyfriend. i can't wait to pick him up from the train station. he's been gone for 2 days and it feels like 2 weeks. i hate being at the apartment alone. every little noise makes me jump! i'm such a wuss.
hope you all have a fun-filled weekend. have anything exciting planned?!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

summer dish.

i haven't posted a meal in a while.

my life is all out of whack these days.

boyfriend left on business and won't be back until friday night.

i pick him up at union station and then we are driving straight to virginia beach until sunday for a little fun in the sun and special family time.

we like to keep busy.

which is why my life is all out of whack.

so i'm trying to get the apartment in tip top shape before friday so he can come home and be like "wow, you really did something while i was gone and didn't just sit on the couch watching re-runs of oprah and SYTYCD" ( <---SYTYCD stands for the show So You Think You Can Dance for those of you who are a little slow. if you're not watching it. YOU SHOULD!)

i guess i should get off the couch, clean up dinner, and turn off oprah. i'm actually watching a recording of oprah's behind the scene's special on OWN. so it's totally different.

this meal looks really gross but it's actually really good. and it's one of our summer go-to's.

shrimp tacos in corn tortillas, homemade slaw with corn, black beans, and a cucumber/tomato salad.

i was hungry and thought i could devour all 3 tacos. my belly was full after 1.5. those things are deceiving!

what's your favorite summer go-to meal?

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

a slice of home.

about one month ago boyfriend and i traveled up to my homeland for a quick visit with family and to see a rockin' concert!


we were both huge fans of the band in high school and when we saw that they were going back on tour we jumped at the opportunity to snag tickets. and i'm so glad we did. the concert was so much fun, they were amazing live and we were a little surprised at the huge turnout! it was a perfect night for a concert at the red bull arena. warm, but breezy and not humid. what was even better was that my parents dropped us off and picked us up once the concert was over. we felt like high school kids all over again :)

the rest of the weekend was spent eating. eating, eating and eating. tyler was in heaven, as was i. my aunt is an amazing cook and she made sure we didn't leave there hungry.

for lunch on saturday we went to the famous hot dog shop called rutt's hut in clifton. known for their deep fried hot dogs, this place has been around since the 20's and it's a little old place right off the highway. you walk in and it's standing room only. the place is always packed but you never have to wait more than 5 minutes for your food. this place was a staple in my mom's childhood. it was so neat going to a place that my mom went to as a teenager. she told me her and her friends used to drag race on the street over. how funny. and illegal, mom!

the hot dogs were delicious. they were crunchy from the deep fryer and the homemade yellow relish was sweet and tangy which added the perfect amount of extra flavor. we also ordered a side of onion rings which were mouth-watering. take me back now.

after experiencing this magical hot dog moment, we drove to eagle rock reservation, which is a beautiful park and has a magnificent overlook of the new york city skyline. during september 11th people came to this overlook and witnessed the sky fill up in smoke and watched as the twin towers disappeared. it still brings a lump to my throat every time i go there and notice the missing space in between the buildings where the towers should be. the park now has a huge 9-11 memorial set up for those who lost their lives where you can come and pay your respects.

we left sunday late in the afternoon after we had a huge italian dinner of pasta, sausage, meatballs, salad, veggies, and bread. FOOD COMA! i passed out as soon as i sat in the car and didn't wake up until 4 hours later as we were entering DC. let's just say boyfriend was not so happy about that. but we had the best time visiting my family and going to the concert and can't wait to do it again!

have you been to any concerts yet this summer? or been to any really good eateries? 

Monday, July 11, 2011


work has been crazy busy.

somehow i'm now doing two jobs?

and there aren't enough hours in the day to do all the little things that i enjoy.

like watching re-runs of oprah. and blogging.

so here are a few pics as of late. i haven't really been up to much.

just trying to escape my cubicle and enjoy these summer days before they slip away.

morning strolls around the neighborhood

choc chip cookie dough at our new favorite shop, larry's homemade ice cream

Fourth of July bike ride around DC - all open road!

make your own pizza night

sangria happy hour 

 fireworks over the monument

fourth of july parade with my beautiful neice

immigration parade in our neighborhood 

Thursday, July 7, 2011

miami. it's a wrap.

 happy thursday and holy hiatus, erica! it's been 1 full week since i've blogged and what was i even thinking? last monday when we got back from miami i spent the remaining of the week pretty much sick. i worked from home and drank a lot of tea.

i'm happy to say that i'm feeling much better, and spent the long holiday weekend settling back in and catching up on household duties.

let me wrap up our miami trip. our five day getaway was spectacular and i want to go back.

every morning and afternoon you could have found us here on our rooftop pool overlooking this:

and of course here, soaking up the sun...

on our second day we rented a car and drove down to key largo...

(did i mention it was a convertible?)

to rent a boat.

and no i was not the captain.

we spent our nights walking up and down here, looking in awe at the gazillion dollar cars driving by.

we caught a jazz show and drank way too many beers on lincoln

and crashed back at our hotel on ocean.

we dined on espanola way (so pretty)...

before our dinner at Ola, we took pictures on the rooftop pool and then stumbled across this interesting park..

one morning boyfriend bought a handrolled cigar from this guy...

and then that night we got super excited for our tacos...

i wanna go back :(


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