Thursday, July 14, 2011

fort reno.

one of the best things about dc in the summer time is all the fun and free outdoor activities they put on.

like every friday in rosslyn there is a free outdoor movie festival. imagine a drive-ins, minus the cars, and people bring blankets.

and every tuesday and thursday there is a free outdoor music concert series at ft. reno park.

last thursday boyfriend's friend was playing at ft. reno so it was the perfect chance to see fort reno and listen to some free tunes!

it was a gorgeous night. the fireflies were out, kids were running around dancing, and fireworks were going off the in the distant.

just a little sliver of history for you -  fort reno was involved in the only cival war battle to take place in DC and the fort still stands there today. it was really neat to see the old fort in the distance behind the stage.

the park was packed with so many people ranging from all different age groups. it makes me so happy that things like this go on for the community. everyone was relaxing on some blankets, munching on snacks and dancing to the music. it was a great way to spend a thursday night after a long day of work - listening to some free music without a care in the world. i can do this every thursday!

and of course we had to close out the night with some tasty ice cream from the curbside ice cream truck! isn't boyfriend so charming? p.s. i forgot how much i l.o.v.e those ice pops!

welp, that's all for now. i'm off tomorrow for a quick little weekend vacay in virginia beach with boyfriend. i can't wait to pick him up from the train station. he's been gone for 2 days and it feels like 2 weeks. i hate being at the apartment alone. every little noise makes me jump! i'm such a wuss.
hope you all have a fun-filled weekend. have anything exciting planned?!

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