Thursday, July 7, 2011

miami. it's a wrap.

 happy thursday and holy hiatus, erica! it's been 1 full week since i've blogged and what was i even thinking? last monday when we got back from miami i spent the remaining of the week pretty much sick. i worked from home and drank a lot of tea.

i'm happy to say that i'm feeling much better, and spent the long holiday weekend settling back in and catching up on household duties.

let me wrap up our miami trip. our five day getaway was spectacular and i want to go back.

every morning and afternoon you could have found us here on our rooftop pool overlooking this:

and of course here, soaking up the sun...

on our second day we rented a car and drove down to key largo...

(did i mention it was a convertible?)

to rent a boat.

and no i was not the captain.

we spent our nights walking up and down here, looking in awe at the gazillion dollar cars driving by.

we caught a jazz show and drank way too many beers on lincoln

and crashed back at our hotel on ocean.

we dined on espanola way (so pretty)...

before our dinner at Ola, we took pictures on the rooftop pool and then stumbled across this interesting park..

one morning boyfriend bought a handrolled cigar from this guy...

and then that night we got super excited for our tacos...

i wanna go back :(


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