Monday, July 18, 2011

the sweetest.

we went to the grocery store last night after returning from our weekend getaway from virginia beach and found THE SWEETEST pineapple.

and THE SWEETEST man cut it up for us and wished us a grand old night.


i've always loved pineapple. i love how tangy and sweet it is. i love how bright it is. and i love pina coladas and upside down pineapple cake. boyfriend and i have been stuffing our faces with pineapple for the last two nights while we obsessively try and finish watching weeds.

i got into weeds about 3 years ago and was instantly hooked. it's hysterical. then i stopped getting showtime and couldn't watch it anymore. boyfriend and i found ALL the seasons on netflix and have been watching them nonstop for the last two weeks. we just finished season five and can't wait to start up season six. if you don't get showtime, then try netflix. and if you don't have netflix then try some illegal downloading. because it's worth it. even if you get caught.

well, that's all for now. i hope all you had a fab weekend! the weather was amazeballs in virginia beach. too bad we didn't make it to the beach. but we did swim in the pool for some 12 hours and i also managed to drink about 3 bottles of wine. or something like that. i love family parties.


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