Tuesday, August 16, 2011

boyfriend's birthday - part 2.

thanks for all the tips in last week's post. i'm glad to know i'm not the only one who feels this way and i'm definitely going to start finding ways to separate my work from my home. you guys are the best!


to continue from part 1 of boyfriend's birthday, we spent about 2 hours at swedenburg vineyards which was plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful landscape, sip the delicious wine, and completely relax our minds.

the next stop on the tour was to three foxes vineyards. this place is nestled out in the countryside of delaplane, virginia and carries the motto, la dolce vita. the vineyard specializes in tuscany wines which i was super excited to find out (italy represent!). not only were the wines my favorite, but the landscape was absolutely breathtaking. i was in love.

from the quaint little cottage tastin room, to the wide-open fields, to the private tables in the grape vines - this place did not disappoint. let me shut-up and i'll let the pictures do the talkin'.

holy picture overload. sorry about that, but we just had a fantabulous time that i had to share everything with you. it was so magical sitting at our very own private table right smack in the middle of the vineyard. it was so romantic. and also, how cute are the wine bottles! the picture of the westie is the owner's dog!
if you're ever in the area i would highly recommend this winery. the staff was fantastic and the wines were superb. it was a fantastic way to celebrate a few days early with boyfriend.

boyfriend's birthday celebration isn't over just yet! stay tuned for part III where i share what we did on his ACTUAL birthday :)


Holly said...

this looks like my kind of weekend! & ps I am in love with your dress! I've been looking for that exact one forever & can only find it on eBay for too much money! :( sad.

Just Married Real Estate: The Blog said...

LOVE the post and love wineries. What a great birthday! The hubby and I love winery tours and do one about once a month!

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