Monday, August 1, 2011

a city garden.

i can't believe today is already august 1st! where is summer going? i feel like it was just yesterday when i participated in cornflake dream's summer bucket list link-up. i'm proud to say that i'm sticking to my list and doing things that i don't normally get around to doing. i'm most proud of one in particular...add to our garden.

this picture was taken almost two months ago. to the right is our cherry tomato pot and to the left we have basil and cilantro. and now, after two very hot and humid months i'm proud to say that we have ourselves a mini garden!

the basil was the first to flourish. boyfriend and i use that weekly and it's the freshest i've ever tasted. i think the cilantro has seen better days, but we can't win them all now can we? now, i took this picture about 2 weeks ago and still hadn't seen any little tomatoes poppin up anywhere. but the other day i came home from work, watered the plants - or as we like to call them, our babies (we're not allowed pets so this our closest thing to a living thing in our apartment) - and stumbled upon this little guy...

ladies and gents, we have ourselves an itsy-bitsy tomato! i've never been more excited and i cannot wait to pluck these little things once they're ready and throw them in a salad!

so not only do we have a mini garden on our balcony, but we've also added some lovely plants to the mix. this was my first time planting flowers so i wasn't sure what kind to get, or what would survive during the June - September months, as well as on a city balcony. but the people at home depot were awesome and helped us get a few to start with.

this was definitely a summer of learning how to plant and build a garden but eventually i want to create a serene space where i can escape the concrete city life. even though we are working with a very tiny space, i would love for our balcony to look like this next summer:

did you create a summer bucket list? if so, how's it coming along?


Woody said...

That's awesome. I have some potatoes in the pantry that seem to be growing so I might stick those in the ground and see what happens, haha. A mini-garden sounds really fun though :)

Emma said...

I wish my flat had somewhere I could create a mini garden. I'm not into full on gardening, but a little window garden of herbs and vegetables could be fun.

P.S. I found your blog through 20SB and I'm a new follower, hey :)

Seek First said...

Your plants look great! I tried one little plant this spring/summer, but it died. It is 100+ almost every day, so I can't quite blame the poor thing.
I have a really fun rosette headband in a giveaway this week, you should stop by and enter!


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