Monday, August 29, 2011

my instagram weekend {3}.

how to survive during a hurricane:

bring in all outdoor plants

chain up patio furniture

keep a stocked bar

read a good book

have all necessary, power-outage gear ready - candles, flashlights, bottled water, banana nut muffins, and 1/2 dozen dunkin donuts

keep a stack of games nearby

cook some pasta fagioli

mother nature has not been a happy camper. first we get an earthquake. then a gigantic hurricane. boy oh boy. i was telling boyfriend that we have been through a lot of nasty weather these last 2 years - several blizzards, an earthquake, and now a hurricane. all we need now is a tornado and forrest fire under our belt (kidding!) but on a serious note, we had to evacuate after the earthquake hit last tueseday but everything pretty much stayed intact. it's never a good feeling when your building sways back and forth for 15 seconds. i was quite shakin up.

then we get to this hurricane. it passed DC on saturday and trailed off on sunday morning. somehow we did not lose power or have any sort of damage - our building is a beast! although, some people weren't so lucky. my poor home state of nj was hit today and everything is under water. i'm hoping everyone is safe. if you were/are in irene's path, i hope you are keeping safe and dry.

p.s. head on over to a {little} dash of ash and join in on all the instagram fun!


Sandy a la Mode said...

these are some GREAT tips for surviving and prepping for a hurricane! great pics!!

Annie @ Wattlebird said...

I love LIFE! And I totally agree about the stocked bar and the good book. I live in MI so we don't really have to worry about hurricanes, but power outages require games/books/booze for sure!


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