Thursday, September 29, 2011

a celtic wedding.

that's the smallest maze i've ever seen.

this was my first time at a wedding that had bagpipes AND irish dancers.

most gorgeous mansion. ever.

most handsome date. ever.

don't you just love weddings?!

p.s. i'm off to west virginia tomorrow (my alma mater) for our homecoming game and a reunion with all my besties. i can't wait to to see everyone and have a fun-filled weekend in almost heaven :) it's also just happens to be my birthday tomorrow - so all the more reason to celebrate!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

will you go on a tapas/sangria date with me after work?

___ Yes :)

___  No :(

this was the email boyfriend sent me last week at work.

sometimes i just love 5th grade romance.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

for your entertainment.

i give to you a video. of a bagpipe band. from this past weekend's wedding.


Monday, September 26, 2011

my instagram weekend {7}.

this weekend flew by (but then again, what weekend doesn't?). i succesfully completed my biggest work project of the year on Friday (60 minutes even showed up - maybe i'll be on tv!), and then headed to Richmond on saturday for a celtic-themed wedding. the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and so unique. it was all outdoors at a historic mansion, hanging lights and candles floated around every corner, and the chandeliers in the tent were stunning.

they even had bagpipes playing during the ceremony. it was so cool!
here is an instagram sneak peek. head on over to a {little} dash of ash's for the rest of the fun!

more to come later this week. hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

europe, here i come {again}.

welp, folks. if you couldn't already guess from the title of this post - i'm going back to europe!

from january 18-29 i'll be traveling around europe once again. in 2006 i studied abroad in madrid, spain. studying abroad was THE BEST experience of my life. i fell madly in love with european culture and did not want to leave. during my program i got to travel throughout Spain (Barcelona & Valencia) and ventured off to Lisbon, Portugal for a weekend. once my program was finished i backpacked to Italy (Rome & Florence). my study abroad trip was cut short due to an unexpected death in the family, so i was unable to follow through with my trips to Venice and Amsterdam, but i always told myself that i would go back. so i did. again. in 2009. this time i went to visit my best friend, {j}, who at the time was living in Harrogate, England. for 10 days we traveled around England and went to London, Leeds, and Knarlesborough. then we hopped on a plane to go to Munich for Oktoberfest (2nd best experience of my life!), Frankfurt, and Salzburg.

so the time has come again, my friends. {j} still has friends living in Harrogate so on a whim we booked a roundtrip ticket to Machester (Harrogate is about a 1.5 hour train ride), and will use Harrogate as our "home base" (not to mention the complimentary room and board!) and travel like gypsies for 11 days.

our rough intinerary is as follows:

play {again} in harrogate

play {again} in london

play in seville

play in marrakech

play in krakow

play in belfast

17 more weeks. but who's counting?

all images can be found via pinterest.
if you aren't following me, then go here!

Monday, September 19, 2011

my instagram weekend {6}.

i've been leading a very boring life since labor day. i'm just trying to make it through to this friday and then hopefully i will have a social life again.

i haven't been taking pictures, well, because i haven't been doing anything fun. but i just couldn't pass up this week's link-up. on thursday i got the cutest invitation from boyfriend asking me to join him for a late dinner. on our walk to the restaurant the sky was breathtaking and had to snap a picture. for some reason my instagram app wasn't working, so just a normal iphone picture had to do.

p.s. i have some exciting news to share with you all this week! stay tuned...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

feeling fishy.

i've been standing knee deep in work for the last week and i fear it's just going to get worse.

for over two months i've been working on my biggest annual project. i have exactly 8 more work days until i'm finished. it's been so draining (mentally and physically). for the last month i've been trying to remind myself of all your gracious advice and although there are still days where i find it hard to juggle - especially during this last home stretch - your wise words have helped me. so thank you!

i leave you with a fancy shmancy dinner we made mid-summer. just because. we were feeling really "fishy" :D

 seviche appetizer

pan-seared scallops in a balsamic vinaigrette on a bed of greens, with steamed rice

Monday, September 12, 2011

my instagram weekend {5}.

hope you all had a lovely weekend. mine was spent going to the movies to see "contagion", running errands, sleeping in, yoga, and reflecting on these last ten years since 9/11. my yoga teacher said something in class on saturday that is so true - "after 9/11 we came together as one. people got out of their heads and into their hearts." i'm forever grateful for those who helped that day and those that continue to keep us safe.

i slacked on taking pictures this weekend so i'm going to share with you my labor day weekend in ocean city, nj. we walked the boardwalk, played mini golf (!), ate italian ice, relaxed on the beach and enjoyed some beverages. i miss it already.

head on over to a {little} dash of ash's and join in on the fun!

Friday, September 9, 2011

childhood love.

i've been sitting in bed watching bachelor pad (don't judge), and the most amazing news just graced my tv screen.

LION KING in 3D!!!!!

for 2 weeks only lion king will be out in theaters and all my childhood memories keep coming back!

lion king was and still is one of my favorite movies (again, don't judge). countless hours were spent playing this:


and too many nights snuggled with this:


i don't know about you, but i'm pre-ordering my tickets this weekend.

too much? i don't care.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

so long sweet summer.

i don't know about you, but i'm kind of bummed about summer coming to a close. as much as i L.O.V.E fall and the changing weather and scarves and pumpkin pie and foliage - i can go on and on -  i'm sad to see summer leave. i wish i went to the beach more. i wish i visited more farmer's markets. i wish i went on more bike rides. i wish i did a lot more this summer.

is it just me, or has the weather done a complete 180 in the last two days? it went from a sunny 85 degrees, to a rainy 60. i've been wearing a jacket to work! so in the meantime i'll just pout a little longer until the rain passes and i'll just stare at these pictures from eastern market. they make me want to hold on to summer for a bit longer. at least until the trees start to change colors :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

lina and the beanstalk.

my niece's name is lina. her nickname is bean. last year for christmas i got a bean plant from her. fitting, right?

during the move it got tossed around and i completely misplaced it...until a few months ago. i found it buried in my nightstand and felt like it was time to bust it out. the bean plant even has a little message on it that says "i love you" once it sprouts.

isn't it the cutest gift?

Monday, September 5, 2011

my instagram weekend {4}.

i'm still out soaking up the last ounce of summer here in ocean city, nj and i hope you are doing the same. i still wanted to participate in a {little} dash of ash's party so i'm posting pictures of last weekend's day trip to baltimore.

for the last two years my parents have come up from NC to take us to the orioles/yankees game. this year it happened to fall during hurricane irene's weekend so we were expecting it to be rescheduled. the baseball gods were on our side that sunday morning because the sky opened up and we had ourselves a ballgame!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

italian platter.

a simple friday night dinner on the balcony.

cheese, meat, and fruit platter
red wine

omgosh. how is it september!? summer is officially coming to a close this weekend and i'm pretty bummed. but i'm also really excited because i have the day off tomorrow which means 4 day weekend for this lady! i'm heading to ocean city, nj to enjoy a much needed getaway with my besties. i haven't seen them in months and i can't wait to catch up and put my feeties in the sand! 

do you have any fun labor day plans?

p.s. if you haven't noticed, i added a link to my pinterest on the right hand side, as well as in my 'contact me' tab. i made the plunge this past weekend and have been hooked. SO MANY IDEAS!!


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