Tuesday, September 20, 2011

europe, here i come {again}.

welp, folks. if you couldn't already guess from the title of this post - i'm going back to europe!

from january 18-29 i'll be traveling around europe once again. in 2006 i studied abroad in madrid, spain. studying abroad was THE BEST experience of my life. i fell madly in love with european culture and did not want to leave. during my program i got to travel throughout Spain (Barcelona & Valencia) and ventured off to Lisbon, Portugal for a weekend. once my program was finished i backpacked to Italy (Rome & Florence). my study abroad trip was cut short due to an unexpected death in the family, so i was unable to follow through with my trips to Venice and Amsterdam, but i always told myself that i would go back. so i did. again. in 2009. this time i went to visit my best friend, {j}, who at the time was living in Harrogate, England. for 10 days we traveled around England and went to London, Leeds, and Knarlesborough. then we hopped on a plane to go to Munich for Oktoberfest (2nd best experience of my life!), Frankfurt, and Salzburg.

so the time has come again, my friends. {j} still has friends living in Harrogate so on a whim we booked a roundtrip ticket to Machester (Harrogate is about a 1.5 hour train ride), and will use Harrogate as our "home base" (not to mention the complimentary room and board!) and travel like gypsies for 11 days.

our rough intinerary is as follows:

play {again} in harrogate

play {again} in london

play in seville

play in marrakech

play in krakow

play in belfast

17 more weeks. but who's counting?

all images can be found via pinterest.
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Holly said...

Lucky! :) I've never been to Europe, but it's #1 on my travel list. Hopefully soooooooon I can make it there! Have so much fun when you go!!!!!

Emma said...

This sounds like such an amazing trip! I hope it all pans out for you.
Though Marrakesh is in Africa, not Europe :P



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