Thursday, September 1, 2011

italian platter.

a simple friday night dinner on the balcony.

cheese, meat, and fruit platter
red wine

omgosh. how is it september!? summer is officially coming to a close this weekend and i'm pretty bummed. but i'm also really excited because i have the day off tomorrow which means 4 day weekend for this lady! i'm heading to ocean city, nj to enjoy a much needed getaway with my besties. i haven't seen them in months and i can't wait to catch up and put my feeties in the sand! 

do you have any fun labor day plans?

p.s. if you haven't noticed, i added a link to my pinterest on the right hand side, as well as in my 'contact me' tab. i made the plunge this past weekend and have been hooked. SO MANY IDEAS!!


Anonymous said...

That looks divine!

Anonymous said...

How simple and delicious!

Valérie said...

looking good! nom nom. you might just have inspired a weekend recipe!

Zombie said...

Those cheeses look delicious!!


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