Tuesday, October 4, 2011

an end to summer dish.

welp. summer is officially gone. but where is fall? it has been dreary and well below fall temperatures these last few days. it's supposed to warm up this weekend to the high 60s and i cannot wait to spend my first fall weekend in dc. we'll be playing flag football on saturday afternoon (did i tell you i'm in a co-ed league? well, i am. i beat people up) and spend the evening with boyfriend's family for some nice bday celebrations. we have absolutely nothing planned for sunday and we are keeping it like that. i can't remember a day over the weekend where we didn't have something to do. i feel like we're always going out of town so it'll be nice to hang low for once.

i'm looking forward to spending the morning reading and drinking coffee on our balcony, admiring the falling leaves and taking a moment to appreciate where we live. dc is amazing in the fall.

so to officially close out summer, i leave you with our last summer meal. one that is a classic and i will miss dearly.

the pasta salad is really easy to make. and i absolutely love pasta salad with hot dogs or any bbq meal. we knew we wanted hotdogs but we didn't have much in the house for a side dish. and i definitely did not want to run to the store. so i did some digging around the cabinents and grabbed a few ingredients:

- egg noodles
- 1 tomato from our garden
- fresh basil from our garden
- feta cheese crumbles
- 1/4 onion
- fat free italian dressing

cook egg noodles until soft. leave to cool. chop up tomato, basil and onion. toss in egg noodles. throw in some feta cheese and italian dressing. mix well. let chill for two hours.

what's your favorite summer side dish?

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Anonymous said...

ok so basically everything here looks 100% incredible!!!!


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