Monday, October 24, 2011

instagram weekend {11}.

cowl scarf - seams to be

this past weekend was jam packed with plans that i completely forgot to take instagram pictures! the ones above are actually from thursday night.

we spent friday night at my college alumni bar watching our team embarrasingly lose.

i woke up saturday morning to breakfast in bed! boyfriend is just the best and the pouched eggs with potatoes were a great way to start our busy day. the rest of the day was spent at a lovely engagement party for our dear friends. how can you beat an afternoon celebrating love? you just can't.

i slept in on sunday, cleaned the apartment, and met up with my bestie for some dinner. afterwards we researched hotels for our european vacay in january and now i'm SO excited! i just want it to be january so we can leave already. these next few months better fly by!


like i said earlier, the pictures above are from thursday night. i came home to a lovely package from lyndsay of seams to be. she has such a sweet etsy shop full of hand-knitted scarves, hats, and vintage dresses. i've been looking for a chunky cowl scarf for a while now, and when i stumbled across this post on what would a nerd wear i knew i had to have it. i instantly fell in love with the cowl and threw it on for the rest of the night. it's soft, comfortable, and so warm! make sure to check out her shop!

 we desperately needed to get out of the apartment and decided to go for a walk. it was a beautiful fall evening and we found a wine/coffee bar that was too lovely to not stop at. it's the cutest little shop ever, and i loved their outdoor patio with twinkle lights and benches. i got a black tea with honey, while boyfriend opted for a beer. my tea was brought out in the cutest and most authentic tea pot. i need one for the apartment! (hint hint, boyfriend :D)

i love stumbling upon hidden gems in our neighborhood. it's one of my favorite things to do with boyfriend. i love exploring this city!

so how was your weekend?
did you get into any random adventures?

p.s. be sure to check out a {little} dash of ash today to see all the other instagram link-ups!

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