Tuesday, October 11, 2011

pesto in pictures.

this was definitely a summer of firsts.

first summer living with boyfriend.

first ride.

first earthquake.

and our first garden.

our little city garden has been a mini oasis of sorts. since august we have added some mums and our beanstalk even has a mind of its own, wrapping its stalk around our railing. with the season coming to an end we want to scoop up as much of our basil as we can. we have so many ideas about how to use it all, but one of our new favorite things is making fresh pesto.

it's so, so easy. and so, so fresh.

we plan on freezing the rest of our basil so we can make some more during winter :)


Anonymous said...

Love fresh pesto! I love even more how well it freezes, so I almost always have some on hand!

Lisa (hello, suburbia) said...

mmm homemade pesto is my favorite! so yummy!


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