Wednesday, October 5, 2011

rockstar love.

boyfriend serenades me on a weekly basis.

on his ukulele.

he's a rockstar in the making.


in other news, i was recently given a little bloggie award by the lovely emma of missih.
here are 7 random facts about me which i know you are all dying to know...

1. i tap danced for 13 years and ocasionally find myself tap dancing at my work cube
2. i am an all-american in track and field, but can barely run a 5k.
3. i am obsessed with dogs. obsessed.
4. i lived in madrid, spain for a summer but i don't speak spanish.
5. i am 100% italian. and yes, i tan very easily.
6. i'm scared of the dark. but i can't sleep with a light on.
7. i dream of owning three houses. a log cabin in the mountains. a farmhouse. and an italian villa in tuscany. a girl can dream, right?


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