Wednesday, November 16, 2011

beat this, pottery barn.

a few months ago- as i was perusing through my pottery barn catalog- i began obsessing over this picture.


i wanted everything in it. that chair. that desk. those french doors. and that gallery wall. oh, that gallery wall.
i guess you can say we were bitten by the "diy" bug after this little diy project and wanted to dive right in to something else. we realized that even though we can't make that chair. or that desk, we could definitely recreate that gallery wall! we've been collecting frames from all over (thrift stores, target, etc.) to use for a fun project. thus began the process...

we went to home depot and found these which we thought we could use for the knobs like you see in that picture. we went with two different shapes. just because we're cool like that.
 (they were only about $2 each and they are actually used for fence posts! home depot rocks!)

we already had the other material at home from previous projects - such as twine, sand paper and stainer. these puppies were about to receive a makeover.

1. sand the knobs down until they are nice and smooth.

2. stain the knobs with two coats of brown stainer (or your color of choice)
*no, i did not really sand on my carpet. i'm not that dirty.
3. once knobs are dry, screw in the wall (the knobs we picked out actually worked perfectly for this because they already came with screws in them!)

4. tie your twine into a loop, attach to the back of your picture frames and hang from knobs

so there you have it. we decided to frame pictures of our travels throughout the years:
china (him)
san francisco (us)
charleston, sc (us)
salzburg (me)

boyfriend and i have such a passion for traveling and dream of one day just quitting our 9-5 jobs and traveling the world together. until then we will continue to decorate our itsy-bitsy apartment in all our travel memorabilia, and continue to dream.

i know our gallery wall is tiny, but it's a work-in-progress. we could have gone to pottery barn and spent $5847297 on two knobs and some picture frame - but our diy project only cost us around $30 (including all the frames, stainer, twine and knobs). not too shabby. we love the end result and how it gives our room a more complete and rustic-like look. i would love to add some colorful frames to the wall and spice it up a bit, but i also don't want it to be too overwhelming. any suggestions? i would love to hear them!

so, what do you think? 
what's your favorite way to display pictures?


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