Tuesday, November 1, 2011

butler's orchard.

i completely forgot to post pictures of when we went pumpkin picking at butler's orchard!

it was our first time at this farm. even though it was quite the hike, we heard great reviews and wanted to check it out. the place was huge - it had its own country store with a mini farmer's market inside, pumpkin patches, berry patches, a 'pick your own' flower patch, and many more. we all felt like kids when we got there - especially when we saw the slides. all the girls got in line while the boys stayed at the bottom of the hill to take our picture. not. weird. at. all.

we indulged in cider apple donuts (OMG!) and caramel apples. even though the farm was centered around kids and families, us mid to late 20 folks had a blast. just take a look.



1 comment:

Jamie said...

That donut looks AMAZING!


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