Monday, November 21, 2011

instagram weekend {15}.

happy monday, lovelies! and happy turkey week! i can't believe thanksgiving is this week. where has this year gone? once this week is over, it's just a hop, skip and jump away from christmas and then the new year! wowzas.

anyways, boyfriend and i had a super relaxing weekend, with a few celebrations thrown in (i completed my first week at the new position, he started his new job today and my niece turned two yesterday!).

we started friday night off with a trip to the new trader joe's that just opened up down the street (!!!) - pumpkin bread mix and an advent calendar were obvious purchases. the lovely lauren recommended the pumpkin bread mix and i can't wait to make it tonight!! we then came home and had a dance party to some 90's hits - nirvana and mariah carey. oh yes. and then ate a bunch of cheese and fruit, and washed it down with some pinot grigio. all purchased from TJ's. obvi.

saturday afternoon was pretty busy - but we closed it out with a dinner and a movie. we ate greasy burgers, fries and milkshakes at brgr shack and caught ides of march in the theater. ryan even though we were stuffed from dinner, we couldn't go to the movies and NOT get popcorn. #truefattiesinaction

sunday was spent with family and picking up a few more diy projects. a naked wreath currently hangs on our door waiting to be covered with holiday goodies. i also picked up some cheap-o ribbon at the craft store and clothes pins. added those two together and i got myself a fancy little holiday card holder.

how was your weekend?!

p.s. thanks for a {little} dash of ash for hosting this fun link-up every monday! i always love checking out other instagram weekends! be sure to go check them out here!


whitney said...

what did you think of ides of march? i saw it this weekend also but i wasn't a huge fan. ryan is still sexy though....

where in arlington do you live? i feel like we should meet for coffee or something??

grace said...

wait. i need that pumpkin bread mix. you're lucky to have a tj's so close! i'm getting one in my hood in spring 2012 and i can't WAIT!

Ana said...

I saw Ides of March this weekend as well and it was pretty disappointing in my opinion :-(


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