Thursday, November 10, 2011

november love.

things i'm already loving about november!!!!

holiday cups at starbucks!!!!

wine night with boyfriend!!!!

afternoon strolls!!!!

homemade penne carbonara with french bread!!!!

fall foliage in full bloom!!!!

i can't believe it's already november (where has this year gone?), but so far it's been nothing but bliss!!!!

*can't you tell i'm extra excited today (!!!!)

what are your favorite things about november?


Ana said...

Love all those things about November.. I also love that it's my birthday month! :-)

Lost&Found said...

Hi Erica! I just stumbled across your blog and love this post, mostly because I pretty much love November- aside from the time change part, not really my favorite part of the year- But, the changing leaves, crisp air and day dedicated to stuffing my face (and giving thanks, of course) are all pretty amazing. Hope your having a great weekend!

Stop by my blog sometime,


Nicole Marie said...

i love the chalk wine glasses!!

Christine said...

I agree to all of the above. Starbucks red cups, wine, delish pasta and best of all changing leaves! Great post :)


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