Tuesday, November 15, 2011

winter beauty.

today i'm linking up with the beautiful marissa over at the boot to share with you a few of my winter beauty tips.

overall my beauty regimen is pretty simple, so please don't think i'm some sort of expert in products. i don't use hair product and i don't own a lot of make-up. i try to limit blowdrying my hair to every few days and i don't concoct face masks out of food in my refrigerator (i'd rather just eat the food). but i do have a few items and tips which i think you'll find helpful.

1. phyto phytolactum + intelligent shampoo:
i get extremely dry skin. legs, face, feet, and especially my scalp. yup, it's gross. this shampoo does wonders. i only use it twice a week and it helps so much! it doesn't leave my hair oily and it always feels light.
2. manicure kit:
i'm not one for salon manicures (my nails always chip!), so an at home kit is essential.  
i don't go anywhere without this lip balm. not only does it cure my chapped lips, but it adds a great color that looks great all day long! 
4. sephora by opi:
painting your nails during the winter is a great way to add a little something extra to your outfit, even if you're just lounging in some sweatpants. i always find that my mood brightens just a bit more when i use a fun color. this top coat by opi,
 "only gold for me" would be great for the holidays! 
5. yes to cucumbers hydrating lotion:
i just found this organic product last month, and it's already become my new obsession. i can't get enough of it! my face always feels smooth and is never dry or oily. it smells great too!

like marissa said, the universe really doesn't want us to look good in the winter. not only do we have to worry about our skin, but the weather plays with our wardrobe too. don't get me wrong, i would take lounging on the couch drinking hot chocolate over going out in the snow any day. but sometimes i need a remedy for cabin feature - and sprucing up my wardrobe is one of them. here are a few items that i'm dying to pick up:

this gorgeous wool coat would be a lovely addition to my winter closet. need.this.now.
2. moccasins:
you always want a warm (and cute) pair of slippers in the winter! these are perfect.
3. motorcycle boots:
do i even need to explain my reasoning here? to die.
i was never a huge fan of leather gloves, but over the last few months they've been growing on me. especially this pair which would go perfect with the motorcycle boots!

i hoped you enjoyed my tips on how to feel fresh and well put together during those dreary winter days.

what are your beauty tips for the winter? i'd love to hear them!


whitney said...

I just need a tan! usually a spray tan!

but i love these suggestions. going to have to check them out!

marissa at the boot said...

i'm a burt's bees fanatic and i had no idea there was tinted balm too! must. have. now. awesome round up! thanks for linking up! (and for the "beautiful"! how sweet.) marissa @ the boot

Anonymous said...

i LOVE for the phyto line! I swear by their products.

Vivian said...

Great choices! I found your blog through a comment you made in Life as a Sunset blog. And of course I had to follow the girl who's passion is traveling. So is mine! ;)

chanel said...

lovely post! I've been LOVING my moccasins on cold fall nights!

xo chanel

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