Thursday, December 15, 2011

buckets. plus an ornament.

you know what's awesome?

cheap buckets of beer for happy hour.

you know what's even more awesome?

drinking these cheap buckets of beer with this chica.

i had my first blate with whitney a few weeks ago. then we went to blogger blitz together and yesterday we met up for happy hour at ragtime.

we talked for a few hours - about boys, and traveling, and blogging, and how we are both labeled the "mean" friend when out in public. just because we ignore creepy boys at bars does not mean we are mean. it just means we have better things to do. 5 minutes later some creepy guy came up to us and we pretty much ignored him. except he didn't get the hint. and lingered. those are the worst kinds.

so now we have like a million other things planned. but i'm unable to disclose that information right now. it may or may not include additional drinking sessions and a trip to a tattoo shop. not at the same time though. just sayin.

so, a while ago we both entered forever88's ornament swap and low and behold we were paired up with each other. meant to be? yes.

and just look at the amazing ornament she got me?! it's already on our tree.
it's actually the only ornament on our tree right now. because it's that lovely.

i just love hanging out with new friends!
thanks, whitney!


whitney said...

im SO glad you liked it.

i think you should leave it out year round...

2012 is going to be a BIG year...

asj said...

so fun! look at me... such a matchmaker ;)

Chelsea said...

Aww, I love that you guys are getting to hang out so much! Sounds like you certainly have some exciting times coming up :) Ignoring creepy boys at bars definitely does not mean you're mean. Oh, and that ornament is super cute!

Holly said...

Too funny, I'm always the "mean girl" when it comes to creepy guys out at bars, to :)

Paulina said...

What a cute ornament!!!


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