Friday, December 9, 2011

holiday party sparkle.

i want to first thank you all from the bottom of my heart. your comments from yesterday's post were extremely thoughtful and heart warming. i'm so happy to have an outlet like this to share my thoughts with all of you so thank you for your support and for reading this little ol' blog of mine. love you all!


this week's friday's fancies comes at the perfect time. i'll be joining boyfriend at his work holiday party tonight and i've been thinking about my outfit all week. this is the look i'm going for. i purchased this exact dress at urban outfitters a couple weeks ago so i can't wait to wear it. i remember meeting boyfriend in china town after class one afternoon so i went into urban to BROWSE. i told myself i couldn't buy anything because i had to save for my upcoming vacay. yeah. right. 20 minutes later boyfriend walks into the store and i'm standing in line with two items. this dress and a tank top.  whatever. this dress is so comfortable. the elastic band at the waist is perfect for some holiday feasting.

so this entire outfit is from urban outfitters. shocker. even though i don't own the necklace and shoes, i'm sure i can scrounge up something similar. how badass is that necklace? so awesome.

i like this dress because it's not too flashy. it has just enough sparkle without being kray kray and inappropriate for a work party.

my only issue is what color bag/clutch should i bring?!?

what would you wear to a work holiday party?


Danielle said...

My holiday party is tonight too and I'm my outfit is practically IDENTICAL to that!! :)

Danielle said...

oops typo, but you know what I mean

briannelee said...

Love that necklace!!!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

Love that dress! And Id go with a red clutch or any jewel tone. Have fun!

k.elizabeth said...

Those shoes are great! I love the whole outfit. :)Yay for holiday parties!

Stephanie said...

Loves! That dress has the perfect amount of sparkle and it's a nice flattering fit, too!

Sara said...

Sequined tank and black pleathery leggings, sparkly pumps.... unfortunately it wont be my own work party this year.

Great blog, now a follower. Check mine out?


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