Wednesday, December 28, 2011

an impulse buyer.

last week we made our weekly trip to trader joe's for some veggies - and veggies only.

we got those veggies. but managed to walk out with these too...i'm such an impulse buyer.

we can never pass up their wine selection.
merlot. prosecco. cabernet savignon. delish. we may or may not have finished two of those bottles. it's allowed - we were on vacation.
and how funny are those cans? simple times. for $2.99 we just had to get them. boyfriend tried one last night and said they weren't that bad! oh, the things you find at trader joe's. that's why i love that place so much!

so back to those veggies. the whole point of that trip to trader joe's was to pick up some veggies for pork stir-fry. we make stir-fry all the time. it's so easy and really quick to make - especially when your boyfriend lived in china for a year. our wok and rice cooker are probably the most used items in our kitchen :) i think this was our first time adding pork to the mix and it was pretty tasty. we usually use chicken or shrimp because i'm not a huge pork fan. but once in a while pork just hits the spot.


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