Friday, December 16, 2011

it's friday. and i'm fancy.

how amaze is the back of this dress? i'm in love. i would wear this on nye. or in vegas or something. i don't know where else though. it is fabulous. but i'm not that fabulous.

i'm pretty excited for this weekend. i'm doing absolutely nothing tonight. and i cannot wait. might get a little crazy and go to trader joe's for some make your own pizza night ingredients.

saturday we are going to a family birthday dinner party. after we load up on pasta we will be making our way to an ugly christmas sweater party at a friends house. can you believe this will be my first ever ugly sweater party?! i feel like i'm so behind the times. or i'm just not that cool.

annnnnd sunday will probably be spent sleeping in and recovering from saturday night. because i definitely can't drink like i used to. and i need a full 24 hour recovery period. 

  do you have any fun plans this weekend?
have you ever been to an ugly christmas sweater party? where do i buy a sweater!?

p.s. be sure to check out the other fabulous friday's fancies post on {av}'s blog.


Ashley said...

I love your sparkly outfit! Super cute. Sequins are the best! ps. Have so much fun at your ugly sweater party- they're so much fun!!! I'd check out any thrift store :)

Elle said...

The dress is pretty amazing. I have yet to attend an ugly sweater party so you aren't that far behind in times! I'm going on a party bus with 20 something friends on Sunday to a NFL game!

Anonymous said...

I am loving all of these sequins today!! What a fantastic dress!

Anna Elder said...

That dress is hotness. My back isn't sexy enough for it though. Ugly xmas sweater….Thrift stores are the best…IF you have enough time to wash it before hand.

Kate @ Daffodils said...

ow ow, check out that dress!

granny chic said...

I was looking for a blue sparkly New Year's dress, and I think you found it.


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