Friday, December 30, 2011

ready to par-tay.

nye by ecoletta

this has been such a lazy week. i just haven't had much motivation to do anything. not to mention i've had a terrible migraine that's lasted since wednesday. i even had to cancel my drinks date with whitney :(  i keep telling myself come january 1st my attitude will change. new year. new mindset. yup.

so with new year's even right around the corner, i would love to rock an outfit like the one above. instead, i'll probably opt for something a little bit more low-key. we're not ones for doing something grand on new year's eve. to us, it's just another night of drinking. we hate how all the restaurants and bars hike up their prices. we decided that we are going to cook a fancy shmancy meal (lobsters and steak) and then invite a few friends over to pregame, eat some snacks, and hit one of the neighborhood bars.

can't wait to celebrate with good friends, dance and pop some bottles...of andre.


how will you be celebrating new year's eve?

p.s. be sure to check out {av}'s blog today to check out the other nye themed friday's fancies.


Ashley {styleash} said...

I love that dress! I also hate how all the bars hike up all the prices- your night sounds like a lot more fun.

Happy New Year!

April said...

Hope get to feeling better! Happy new year!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i'd wear this in a heartbeat. so cute and snazzy!

Anonymous said...

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