Friday, December 23, 2011

winter white.

i'm so happy it's friday! my parents arrive in four hours and we start our festitivites bright and early tomorrow. i'm counting down the hours until we're indulging into our feast of the seven fishes. that's right. we do this. every.single.year. i love being italian.

i had such a fun week. on monday i went to a work holiday party, tuesday i ate lots of mexican food and drank margaritas - obvi - with my bestie and on wednesday i hung out with bloggers-turned real life friends whitney and chelsea. i love these ladies. we had the best time drinking wine (3 bottles - no big deal), and talking for hours about traveling, life, boys, and blogging. oh yeah, while we watched inglorious bastards. love that movie.  

well, i should go and start this cleaning process. i'll leave you with my friday's fancies post - winter white (p.s. thank you whitney for introducing me to polyvore. this thing is magic). i'm going to make sure i rock a similar outfit tomorrow. comfort is key when all you're doing is eating plate after plate of seafood. my idea of heaven.

Winter White


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