Thursday, January 26, 2012

drum roll please.

i want to thank all the lovely ladies megan, whitney, chelsea, marissa, and grace for sharing their guilty pleasures with us these last few days. i figured it would only be fair if i shared mine as well. so here we go.

drum roll please...

jk. it's not that dramatic.

i cannot get enough of cheesecake. it is my ultimate guilty pleasure. i have a huge sweet tooth and love all desserts, but in my eyes nothing beats cheesecake. it has been my favorite ever since i can remember. do not come in between me and a slice of that heavenly dessert. or i will destroy you.

i can eat cheesecake any time during the day - breakfast? yes. lunch? of course. dinner? duh.

it doesn't even matter what flavor. i will eat it and love it.

i hope you all enjoyed this little series while i've been gone. i'm currently in belfast and having the time of my life. but i'm looking forward to heading home on sunday and reuniting with boyfriend.


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