Wednesday, January 18, 2012

guest post - "use a condom".

Hi there, Pocket Full of Chuckle-rs! I'm Megan and I blog over at Freckled Italian.

In August, my boyfriend and I moved to Charlottesville so that he could do this one-year master's program at UVA, and for a week or two, I was a little bit unemployed. Sure, I had a master's thesis to work on, a running habit to support, new friends to make, and an apartment to keep clean that would have kept me busy, but somehow I found myself hooked on what is literally the worst show I've ever seen. It was The Amazing Life of a Secret Teenager. The Secret Life of American Teenagers. Secret Life of the American Teenager. Seriously though, what is that show called?

My boyfriend, Rob would come home after class, which was well after noon, and peek his head into our room where yes, I was still in bed. With a cup of coffee in my hand, my computer on my lap, and a look of shame across my face. It was like some kind of time warp. I'd play an episode, and suddenly four hours had passed. The worst part was that I really hated the show, but I couldn't stop. I looked forward to my Secret Life time every morning. Sometimes, I cried when characters were sad. When I finished the series, I actually wondered what I was supposed to do next. It was a dark time, friends.

If you enjoy this show, then I'm sorry. This might be awkward since we just became friends and everything.

But it's nothing like real life. That wouldn't bother me, except that they try to portray real life and teach us something. I actually get really angry when I start thinking about it, and I even started taking notes as I watched episodes (when I finish my thesis, I'll have a master's degree in children's literature--dissecting media directed at young girls is kind of what I do, especially if it's stupid, bad, or harmful, which are all true in the case of Secret Life). First of all, sex is viewed as like, the world's most dangerous weapon. The show is painfully didactic--at one point the main character practically looks at the camera and says something to the effect of, "I only had sex one time. It wasn't even fun! And now I'm pregnant". Her father, who is actually the father in 10 Things I Hate About You, plays basically the same role and is Creepy Dad who is terrified his daughter will get pregnant, except in Secret Life he doesn't have that cool change of heart and send the deposit check over to his daughter's dream school. I hated that guy.

Like I said, I took notes. I could go on and on and on and on and on, but I'll spare you.

I justified my bad TV habit by saying that one day, I'd write something about it. So I'm really glad Erica emailed me and asked if I'd write a post about one of my guilty pleasures. I feel much more at peace now. But I still don't know what happened to get me so hooked. Sometimes I search to see if there's another season that no one's telling me about. Don't tell anyone I said that.

Good luck, ladies. It's a tough world out there, especially for a sixteen year old. Use a condom!


Anonymous said...

The show is stupid and not realistic at all, but I also can't stop watching it. Amy & Ricky are now engaged and I find the cute together.

They say the word sex so much, you can start a drinking game. You'd be passed out 30 minutes into the show.

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