Thursday, January 5, 2012

my instagram weekend {21}.

since i unplugged for the long nye weekend i never got around to my weekly link-up with a {little} dash of ash. today's post has a mix of instagram pics and regular pics. it's my blog and i'll do what i wanna.

we pretty much spent the weekend eating, drinking, and sleeping (obvi). but we managed to find some time to do a bit of hiking and setting some new year resolutions. i don't even know how that happened. let's begin, shall we?

NYE night:

homemade dinner - lobster tail; rib-eye; asparagus and waffle potato chips
one giant bottle of beer
cheese and fruit plate for guests

pre-game drinking games.

and the only two pictures of us that night...

just kidding. no but really, you don't want to see the rest.
let's just say we did not feel good the next day.

but we somehow managed to go for an hour and a half hike at the potomac overlook on sunday afternoon. not sure how i managed that one. especially since it involved a lot of balance. and jumping. two things i'm not even good at sober/non-hungover.

sunday afternoon

oh, i'm not done.

we also cooked baked ziti on sunday night AND homemade chili with cornbread on monday.

sunday night/monday

and then washed it down with some pinkberry (my first time!)

pinkberry is so good. i think it's my new favorite place for frozen yogurt.
have you guys tried red mango? i hear it's better than pinkberry but i have yet to try it out.


whitney said...

like i said on instagram...i want to be your live in roommate. to eat all your food.


see ya tomorrow kiddo!


Victoria M. said...

I love pinkberry!! Definitely one of my favorite things about DC, they are everywhere!


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