Monday, January 9, 2012

my instagram weekend {22}.

friday night: i hung out with whitney and we transported back to 2007 and played kings at my house before heading to the bar. that game is stupid. it's such a long game and involves too much thinking.

saturday: boyfriend and i tried disco taco for the very first time. annnnd we didn't want to leave. look how massive that burrito is? yup, i devoured the entire thing. #noshame. it took so much out of me that i had to take a nap afterwards. boyfriend woke me up (was not happy about that) and convinced me to not waste any more of the day. so we went on a bike ride. which i'm glad we did because it was 65 degrees out. what is going on!? i think the world is definitely coming to an end. where is the snow?!

sunday funday: whitney introduced me to the champagne brunch at chadwicks. ummm, it was the best sunday funday ever. for $22 you can get a meal plus unlimited champagne (huevos rancheros for me). that is my kind of afternoon. i met her sister and friend and the four of us took over the bar. i think we went through 5 bottles of champagne? i went home and passed out on the couch. woke up just in time for once upon a time. my new favorite show.

how was your weekend? 

after a great weekend i'm looking forward to an even better week. my mom is coming to visit on wednesday and i can't wait. she is providing some extra support for another surgery follow-up appointment on thursday. i hope it goes okay.


whitney said...

this weekend was pretty fab. and i am SO glad we are besties now. because i need some good girlfriends in walking distance. to the bars...

I am Megan said...

I loooove kings, it keeps us busy for hours! And good luck with your appointment!


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