Tuesday, January 17, 2012

my instagram weekend {23}.

i'm frantically trying to get everything together before i leave tomorrow morning. i work well under pressure. i have yet to pack but i pretty much know what i'm bringing.  so i estimate it will only take me 30 minutes. unless i'm watching teen mom. multi-tasking is not one of my strong suites.

i'm so thrilled to announce an AMAZING group of ladies who will be guest posting while i'm gone. i'm honored to have them on here and keep this thing afloat while i'm away. i asked them to write around the theme - guilty pleasures. how fun, right?! it starts tomorrow so be sure to come back and check them out. you won't be disappointed.

on another note, i had an AMAZING weekend in nj and nyc this past weekend. my friend 'said yes to the dress' and it is fabulous. we took a very cold stroll around the city (we spotted some flurries), grabbed some lunch and snacks at eataly and had some much needed girl talk. i got back on sunday afternoon, met up with boyfriend at our favorite pho restaurant and then headed over to the caps game where we had pretty sweet seats. oh!! and i spotted pat sajak again. in the same exact seat as last time. no big deal.

i can't wait to head back up there on february 3 for the engagement party. it'll be the first time boyfriend sees my hometown! i already have a long list of places to show him - pretty much all revolving around food. naturally.

welp folks, i'm outtie. see you on january 30 :)


whitney said...

i think you have a great soup radar.

i need to get that.

because that looks legit.

and i am jealous.

cailen ascher said...

isn't instagram the best thing ever?! i got an iphone for christmas and it's one of my fave apps already



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