Wednesday, January 11, 2012

seven days.

no, i am not referencing the ring. 
(great, now i will have nightmares)

instead i am counting down the days until i leave for my much anticipated trip.

so in honor of my upcoming trip, i wanted to dedicate today's post to one of my favorite things about traveling.

sampling the local cuisine.

it's no secret that i love to eat. heck. (did i just say heck?) probably 95% of this blog is dedicated to food/restaurants/ get the idea.

while i'm in england (leeds, london and cambridge) i'll be sure to nosh on some delicious indian food and a traditional english breakfast. with tea. love me some tea.

when i went to england back in 2009 i had some of THE BEST indian food. it was actually the first time i ever tried indian food. since then i've had plenty of indian dishes and to-date my meal in england still ranks #1.

the minute we touch down in seville, spain i'm going to run to the nearest cafe and order some churros and chocolate. i've never had a churro. can you believe it?! i've been dreaming of them for weeks. dipped in chocolate. get in my belly.

of course i will also be eating plenty of tapas and paella. i lived in madrid during the summer of 2006 and my love for both has only grown since then. i can't wait to go back to this country. 

next stop: krakow, poland. where pierogi's and sausage awaits.

can i tell you a secret? growing up i used to hate pierogi's. like really HATE them. 

i can hear your gasps. 

let me explain. my best friend/neighbor was polish. and her sweet, little, polish grandmother would always be over cooking pierogi's. they would always try to get me to eat them. practically forced. they ate pierogi's all the time. we ate macaroni all the time. i just assumed "to each their own". no need forcing it upon anybody. but i did try them and i just never grew to love them. i think it was the texture. and they always smelled a little funky. so one day i finally put up my little 8 year old hands and said "NO MORE PIEROGI'S"! since then i haven't had a single one. it's been 18 years. at this point it's not like i'm banning pierogi's from my life, it's mostly because i never come across them. but this is the perfect chance to break my 18 year streak and embrace this polish dish. i'm doing it, guys. and you know what? i'll probably really enjoy it and then curse out those 18 years.

our final stop on this backpacking tour is belfast, northern ireland. not gonna lie. i wasn't too sure what type of cuisine they're known for. i mean i know there's the whole 'meat and potatoes' and 'irish stew' thing...but i've heard northern ireland isn't ranked high on the list of delicious foods. so i did a quick google search and found a few sites talking highly about their irish soda bread. i've never had irish soda bread. is it gross? even if it is i'll still try it. that's dedication. i pretty much plan on drinking a lot of beer once i'm here any way. so maybe i won't remember how bad it is? 

i hope you liked my post today. i was really excited to write it and explain a little more about my trip! if you know of any traditional dishes that i should try in belfast and/or any of the other locations i'm visiting, please let me know!!

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whitney said...

thanks for making me crave indian 9:30am.

Lindsay said... I want a churro with're a punk!!! kidding...sounds super fun!!!

grace said...

delicious! take lots of food pics!

Kae said...

definitely excited for all the food pictures I'm sure you'll be posting!

Kimmy said...

Traveling seems so much fun. I hope you have a fun and safe trip.

Kelly said...

Food is the best part of travel! Don't forget to try dippy eggs and soldiers with your breakfast tea! They're my favorite British :)

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