Wednesday, February 15, 2012

9 flights; 9 trains; 6 buses. part 2.

the next stop on our trip was seville, spain!
{if you missed part 1, go here


we flew ryanair which was quite...interesting. if you've ever flown on european budget airlines then you know exactly what i'm talking about. if not, then go here. lauren from aspiring kennedy explains it perfectly.

we arrived in spain around 9:30 pm and found a shuttle bus that went to the center city. our hotel provided us with directions starting from where the bus would drop us off, so we figured we'd be alright.


i don't think the people in seville know their 'lefts' from their 'rights'. because the directions took us in the complete opposite direction of the hotel. we ended up getting lost for 2 hours. three american girls roaming the streets until 1 am - totally safe. we managed to find a cafe that was still opened and asked for new directions. the staff was extremely helpful and directed us back to where we needed to be.
(before you get nervous, mom, i'd just like to say that at no time did we feel like we were in danger. the streets were well-lit and ashley had a whistle)

we arrived at our hotel, which was a little, um, under-par (remember this?) and called it a night. even though our hotel was not our favorite, it was in THE BEST location.

the weather was perfect. it was 65 and sunny every day. we walked everywhere, making sure to relax at little cafes for coffee, or sangria, or delicious pastries. sometimes all of the above. this is my favorite thing to do while traveling. it was at these cafes where we were able to take in all the beauty that seville had to offer.

i am personally not one to plan out a full itinerary when i travel internationally. i like to wander, and get lost, and just let the day take on its natural course. i find that when this happens, i end up meeting the most interesting people and i get to experience the culture in a way that a tour guide or an agenda would not allow me to. it's one of the greatest things about traveling! you learn so much.

cathedral of saint mary

one of the many doors to the cathedral - gorgeous.

view from the top of the cathedral

orange trees everywhere!

one of the many squares

one of our favorite things was strolling parque de maria luisa and taking out a little row boat at plaza de espana.

i'm a dork.

and i can't forget about THE FOOD!

 sangria; tapas; more tapas; coffee & pastry; churros & chocolate; jamon y queso sandwich (ham & cheese)

seville was a lovely stop on our trip where we were able to escape from the cold that we had in harrogate and the soon to be snowy landscapes of poland.

i have so many more pictures that i'll have to share at another time.

next stop: cambridge, england!
yes, we go back to england.

{check out part 1 here: harrogate, england.}


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Susan said...

I always worry....but know you are the international traveler and do it well!! So happy you were able to do this!

Jenni Austria Germany said...

i've never been to seville.

and you look so cute rowing away!

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

These photos are breathtaking and that photo of you is absolutely gorgeous! Traveling is food for the soul, love it. Safe travels lovely!


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