Thursday, February 16, 2012

9 flights; 9 trains; 6 buses. part 3.

when we first booked our euro-trip we planned to have three nights in seville and then we would fly back to london, spend the night and continue on to krakow. we received an email two months before we left telling us our flight leaving seville was bumped up a day earlier. this totally threw a wrench in our plans.

at first we were really bummed. but then we realized this would give us an extra day in london! after some debate we decided that since all three of us had been to london before we would want to go somewhere else. after looking up day trips around the london area, alas (!), we found cambridge!

we left seville late on sunday which was nice because that still allowed us to have the entire day to walk around. we got to london around midnight, passed out at an amazing hotel (huge step up from the one in seville), and woke up early to catch our 45 minute train to cambridge.

as soon as we got off the train we were swarmed with people on bicycles. i had no idea cambridge was such a bike friendly city. i guess it kind of makes sense considering it is a college town, with over 30 different colleges!

we arrived with absolutely no agenda - obvi. - so we strolled the streets and hidden alley's which were lined with shops and pubs and tiny bookstores. we made our way onto a few college grounds and even pretended to be students - sneaking into buildings and dorms. we're so badass.

we thought about taking a tour of the backs, which is an area in the city where several colleges back on the river cam but it was way too cold to be on the water. plus, all the tours were too pricey for our liking. 20 pounds to sit on a boat in 20 degree weather. no, thank you!

we stumbled upon the eagle, the coolest pub that originally opened in 1667! i had the best beer battered fish and chips i've ever had and tried my first ever sticky toffee pudding. heaven in my mouth!

cambridge is absolutely stunning. if it wasn't for our changed flight i would have never thought to make a trip here. the architecture and the history alone made this trip a very memorable one.

oh, and the sticky toffee pudding.

even though our changed flight messed up our travel agenda, we were able to work around it. this is another reason why i love to travel. not everything is going to go according to plan. you will miss your flight, or train or bus. you will forget to set an alarm. there will be changes to your flight. so when this happens, make the best out of the situation. you HAVE to. always remember to have fun with it. do the unexpected. get out of your comfort zone. it will be the most rewarding.

next stop: krakow, poland!

{part 1 of the trip: harrogate, england}
{part 2 of the trip: seville, spain}


Holly said...

Cambridge looks absolutely beautiful! & you're so right about just going with it when plans change, something fun usually ends up happening :)

Holly said...
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Holly said...
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Tiffany said...

Oh beautiful pictures! I am so excited to see your pictures and hear about your trip to Poland---I'm planning on going next year!


Mo (New on U) said...

Hi! Just wanted to stop by and say "hello" after finding out you were also a DC blogger (on Freckled Italian)!

Love reading about your trip - I'll be in Europe this summer for 3.5 weeks, so this is of special interest to me!


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