Friday, February 17, 2012

it's friday. and i'm fancy.

Fly Away

Fly Away by ecoletta featuring an anchor shirt

my next vacation is in may. we're going to the outerbanks for a week with 12 other people. apparently that's what you do when you go to the outer banks - get a big group of people, rent one of those huge houses, and drink and eat for 7 days. i think i can manage. it'll be my first time there and i've only heard good things. i can't wait!

this is our house - not too shabby

comfort is key when traveling. i hate those women at the airport who are all dolled up with all their jewelry, 5 inch heels and caked on make-up. then it takes them 30 minutes to get through security. get over yourself - you look ridiculous and you're holding up the line. even though we won't be flying to the outerbanks we will be stuck in a car for 8 hours. so comfort is still key. i get really cold in the car because boyfriend likes to blast the AC like a crazy man, so i think this sweater will be ideal. no vacation outfit is complete without a floppy hat, a big bag, and sunglasses. i love my ray ban wayfarer sunglasses. i don't go anywhere without those things.

what's your favorite travel outfit?
on a completely different note, i went to yoga last night with whitney and i can't move my body. it felt good to be back, though. even if i grunt and moan every time i raise my arms. oh, well. must get that beach body ready for may!


i have really exciting news to share with you all. i'm talking about something near and dear to my heart today on jenni's blog today. be sure to check it out. i will love you forever.

happy friday!


whitney said...

yeah i am pretty sore. mostly my shoulder.

that bitch. she killed us.

Holly said...

Happy Friday! OK, so I had to look up the outerbanks, I had no idea what/where it was! I'm from the west coast, so it's ok, right?? :) Looks like it will be tons of fun - I miss getting together with lots of people in a huge house and drinking/eating for days on end!!

Lottie said...

Read your guest post on jenni's blog and had to just comment and say what an inspiring post--I would be so proud of my heritage too!

Lottie said...

Read your guest post on jenni's blog and had to just comment and say what an inspiring post--I would be so proud of my heritage too!

Susan said...

Grandpa and grandma are smiling right now. I need tissues!

Julie said...

Found you through Jennifer's blog! I loved reading about your family history!!

so anthro said...

I fell in love with this outfit before the image had even finished loading. SO cute and nautical!!

Kate said...

Love love love this nautical outfit! The red bag and brown sandals are the perfect accessories

Sara Louise said...

I popped over from Jenni's blog and I'm so happy I did because now I've see that awesome anchor sweater which I have to have! :)

Vanisha @ Vanishas Life In...Australia said...

Looks like the perfect outfit for a great trip! I love the looks that you put together. I usually always travel with a scarf and a lavender eye pillow! :)Happy weekend beautiful.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Um...I pretty sure that vacation you have planned is going to be epic! It sounds amazing!!

And I need a big hat for my vacation this spring. This one is cute!

Jayme and Mendi said...

Love your travel outfit! My hubz always freezes me out of the car on road trips...take a throw blanket with you too. ;) You should love Outer Banks...the house looks perfect. Just eat, drink & be merry. Sounds like a perfect vacay!!

Visiting from Freckled Italian. So glad she's introducing us to some fellow Virginia bloggers!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Elle Sees said...

my sis has been looking for anchor shirts...sending her this way!

Anna said...

Ahh jealous of your trip! Although I always wondered how those cupcake houses on stilts would survive a hurricane! :/ For travel I wear stretchy comfy clothes and I ALWAYS take a fluffy pair of socks on the plane especially if it's summer and I'm wearing sandals, because plane a/c is frigidddd.

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