Monday, February 6, 2012

i'm back.

i'm back! well, technically i've been back since the 29th. but my life was in shambles and i needed well over a week to get things situated. i can't say that everything is back to normal, but things have slowed down a bit which i'm happy about.

my trip was a-mazing. pretty life changing. sort of. i can't wait to tell you all about it. i took well over 500 pictures and 40 videos, so just sorting through them is a full time job. i promise i'll do a recap - hopefully this week. but please bare with me.

i have some other exciting news. i'm an auntie again! sweet little alessandra sloane was born last week at 6 lbs 8 oz. she is the most precious baby girl and i am one proud auntie. this is ali, only four days old.

{photo credit: ali caudill}

my best friend had her engagement party this past weekend in new jersey. it was a beautiful weekend full of love and laughter. not to mention, i gave boyfriend the tour of my hometown. we ate at my favorite sub shop and took a drive past my old house. such wonderful memories. made me miss that place a lot.

a big thank you again to the beautiful ladies, megan, whitney, chelsea, marissa, and grace for sharing their guilty pleasures while i was gone. you are the best.

and here is one very special video from the last night on our trip - in harrogate. 

 it was a rough 8 hour flight home the next day.


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