Monday, February 27, 2012

my instagram weekend {25}.

another weekend in the books. this weekend was nothing to rave about, but it did hold some of my most favorite things to do:

sipping wine and eating appetizers on our balcony. it was 70 degrees here on friday!

morning music from my man.

took a morning walk to starbucks before eating a healthy breakfast of hard boiled eggs and an orange.

prepping for my three day juice cleanse. which i started today. but i'm writing this on sunday night so really i haven't started it yet. this will be my first time trying a detox program and i'm really nervous about it. i've heard good things about the kaeng raeng program, though. i'll have the juice 3 times a day and i can add raw veggies and fruit throughout the day. i'll let you know how it goes after wednesday! have you ever tried a cleanse?

and something that made me extra happy this weekend? adding more fresh flowers to the apartment. 

those daisies? they're still going strong from valentine's day!

how did you spend your weekend?


i just want to give a quick 'hello' to some of my newest followers. hello! i've noticed quite a few new faces around these parts as of late and i just wanted to give you all a shout out! thanks for stopping by :)

and to those that have been here awhile, thanks for all your kind words and support over the last year and a half. i never thought blogging would turn into a huge passion of mine, but it has. i've met so many great people - bloggers that have turned into real-life friends (!) - and i hope it continues :)


Lottie said...

I am jealous of your wine sipping--I have given up alcohol for lent and thought it would be easy as I am not a big drinker--but really missed it with a lovely dinner I cooked on Friday--water just doesn't cut it!

And I have never done a cleanse but I am sure you will do amazingly well and feel really healthy afterwards.

whitney said...

real life friends?? who could that be??

and good luck with the juice cleanse. i guess that means we won't be sipping wine and eating cheese tonight at our bach party?

Miss Samantha said...

i love the vase of fresh flowers hanging on the wall... such a fab idea that i might just copy in my apartment :) xx


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