Monday, March 5, 2012

monday dreaming.

this past weekend was one for the books. it's been a while since i had one of those. i got to spend some quality time with boyfriend, cooking dinner together, watching a lot of hgtv, and snuggling on the couch watching a  movie (we watched the whistleblower - so good!). on saturday i had lunch with chelsea and whitney at cafe rio. that place is legit. we sat outside in the beautiful weather, enjoyed our delicious meals and chatted about life. later that night my bestie came over for a much needed girls night out. we hit the town hard that night, coming home around 4am. i woke up yesterday with no voice. that's when you know it was a good night.  

boyfriend and i also made a very "adult" decision over the weekend which i'll share at a later time when it becomes more finalized. we are SO excited and i can't wait to tell you all about it.

*if you follow me on twitter then you might already have a clue ;)


with the end of the weekend and the start of the work week, i usually find myself with a huge case of the monday's. to try and get out of this funk i've decided to start a weekly post on 'dreaming'. whether it's dreaming up a good meal, a fabulous vacation, or an extravagant wardrobe, it's sure to put someone in a good mood. then who knows...maybe one day these dreams will turn into a reality!

that would be nice.

machu picchu, peru

golden gate bridge, san francisco

eiffle tower, paris

lately, i've been dreaming a lot about traveling the world and can't seem to get these three destinations out of my mind. 

san francisco.

south america has been on our list of travel destinations for quite some time and the country of peru is at the top of our list. boyfriend and i already started saving our pennies in hopes of making this dream a reality in the spring of 2013. just some of the things we would do if we were there - hike machu picchu, roam the bustling city of lima, and jump in lake titicaca.

lake titicaca, peru

next on my travel list is san francisco. i honestly cannot say enough about this california city. after our 2010 trip we had short-lived plans to move there. but unfortunately the timing was just not right. making a cross-country move like that would have required a lot of money and time that we just did not have. we still have dreams to move there when the timing is right, but for now we just have to wait and see.

we're going back to san francisco in september 2013 for the america's cup and making a pit stop in napa for a few days. part of me is sad that we have to wait so long, but i absolutely cannot wait to go back! i can't get that place out of my mind - it's just permanently stuck there! in the mean time i'm going to be spending the next year and a half dreaming up every single inch of that city.

napa valley, california

up until a few months ago, paris was never on my list of travel destinations. not exactly sure why, but it just never stuck out. 

over the last few weeks i feel like i can't get away from this city of romance. every where i turn there is a picture, a story or a movie (hello, midnight in paris!) that makes me want to visit this city in a heartbeat. 

macaroons, streets lined with cafes, parisian fashion. all of it sounds so perfect to me. i keep dreaming about the boyfriend and i strolling the streets, stopping for an espresso at a local cafe, and taking fashion notes on all the fabulous women.

don't mind me. 

a trip to paris is not in the works for any time soon so until that time comes i will continue dreaming up this magical city. and of course pinning as many things as i can in pinterest.


{all photos via my pinterest}

what places have you been dreaming up lately?


Raquel said...

Your weekend sounds like it was a great one!

whitney said...

i dream about going anywhere. BUT here.

and i can't WAIT to hear about your apartment in courthouse.... :(

B said...

just came across your blog and love this monday dreamin idea! my blog name also include a nickname from my boyfriend!....lookin forward to readin more about those dreams!

Torie said...

I have been dreaming up summer, warmth, and a beach-ready body and the confidence to go along with it! :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Ooh ooh take me to those places! I love SF, I also wanted to move there at one point.

Never considered Peru but you've convinced me ;) And I'm in the same boat with you when it comes to Paris. Recently I've really wanted to visit.

P.S. Following you on Twitter now :)

Anna said...

I'm going to San Francisco next week and really look forward to Napa Valley (if I can make my boyfriend drive ;)

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