Monday, March 12, 2012

monday dreaming.

in keeping up with my new weekly series, monday dreaming, i wanted to share the one thing that i've been dreaming about ever since i was a little girl.



i've always had a obsession soft spot in my heart for man's best friend. growing up i had the desire to be a veterinarian, but the thought of being the one responsible for putting some of them down was too heartbreaking, i knew i wouldn't be the right person for the job. 

my first job was working in a dog kennel. it was the best job i've ever had! i got to interact with dogs all day long - caring for them, playing with them and taking them for walks. i was in heaven.

boyfriend and i talk all the time about adopting a furry friend. thank goodness he loves dogs too because otherwise this relationship wouldn't work - (just kidding, babe!...kinda, sorta, not really...)

 i just don't trust people who don't like dogs.


 we bicker about what kind we would get (him a lab; me a golden-doodle).  we both understand the time commitment (and costs!) that come with owning one. it is a huge responsibility. if we were home more than we would definitely have one right now! probably a golden-doodle because i would win. her name would be gelato or something ridiculous. she would be sitting next to me as i type this post. licking my hand and begging me to rub her belly. and my life would be complete.

snap out of it, erica.

so until then i'll just keep browsing the internet, pinning puppy faces, and mention "i want a puppy" to boyfriend about three times a day.





i mean, come on.


CupcakesOMG! said...

i wish there were a kind of dog that stayed forever a puppy. that's why i like small dogs, like toy ANYTHING and yorkies!!


Danielle said...

omg the beagle puppy kills me. too cute!

Lottie said...

I am going to have a puppy one day--but I have to wait until we own our own home, so its ages away :(

whitney said...

yeah super cute until they shit and pee everywhere while chewing on your shoes....


B said...

LOVE! puppies make the whole world a better place. clearly i cant resist them since i have two and am still dreaming of more!

Anonymous said...

Seriously I'm smitten! I have a HUGE soft spot for animals, esp. dogs. Sometimes I can't bear to look at them because of how cute they are! x

Holly said...

Puppiesssssssssss! Seriously, I'm obsessed with puppies! I'm obsessed with ours! I was worried when we got her because we're always out & about... but she's tiny so we take her everywhere with us. Life is just better with puppies!!

wildchild said...

They're so cute! But so much damn work. That's why I'm alright with being a puppy aunt for a long while, tell Ben and I get our shit together. And not the literal shit that the puppy would leave in piles around our apartment.


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