Monday, March 19, 2012

monday dreaming.

happy monday!

how was your st. patrick's day weekend? sometimes i like to think that i'm still in college, hanging with all the cool kids, drinking all day. and saturday, i thought just that.

we met up with whitney and mo at a neighborhood bar and enjoyed the rooftop. the weather was perfect - i even got a slight tan line (!) - and the beers were flowing.

this guy even showed up...

we left early and met some friends for lunch, where we took too many bailey shots. about 2 hours later we made our way to a house party, played a little beer pong, watched some basketball, and stumbled to another bar where we ate dinner and decided to order buckets. i'll just say that was a mistake.

we made it home by 10 pm. passed out at 11 pm. woke up at 7 am. annnnnd i've been in my pj's ever since. i'm too old for this.
*i'm writing this on sunday night, if you haven't already guessed.


a few weeks ago i told you all that boyfriend and i made an "adult" decision, and although things are still in progress, i'm happy to announce that we are moving! we love living where we do now and being in such close proximity to the city. and we grew to really love our teeny-tiny apartment. but the reality is the rent is just too much, especially if we want to start buying in the next year or two. we've been looking at places about 20 minutes west of the city (still to rent), in a town that we both adore. we found a condo two weeks ago - bigger AND cheaper! -, submitted all the paperwork, and hope to find out this week if we can move in. 
*fingers crossed*

with all these plans to move, i've been dreaming of all things interior design. 

here are a few ideas that have sparked my interest.

diy gold chevron paintings

diy coffee filters as wall art!

a simple nook

bar cart!

crisp and cozy bedroom - love the headboard and mantle display

simple entryway
(all images via my pinterest)

oh, AND this place allows dogs...
so, maybe this means we're one day closer to getting that dream puppy of ours?!?!

what are some of your favorite interior design looks?
p.s. want to learn a little bit more about me? head on over to here and read up!


Lottie said...

I hope it all works out--will keep my fingers crossed.

I am moving in 5 days and still have so much to do--soon you will be in my world ;)

CupcakesOMG! said...

im so bummed i couldn't go out with y'all :(


Lindsay [Elle Elizabeth] said...

I've never really partied on St. Patty's day. It always seems like I've had other obligations on that day. I do know how you feel about not being able to do the whole partying thing like you used to! I feel so old now haha. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you guys. How exciting :)

Julie said...

Hey, I found you through Jennifer's blog! Loved your guest post, and was sold when you mentioned your love of scarves. They are my weakness... a great weakness (but a worthwhile one).

B said...

omg russ and i have been looking for a bar cart! where is that one from!?

smk053078 said...

St. Patty's Day kicked my old booty too...I don't know how I quite survived...but still smiling from a Day that I will never forget! Cheers!
Because Shanna Said So

Jayme and Mendi said...

Hey Erica! Thanks for the sweet comment about my March photos. I found that little Paris dish at TJ Maxx about a year ago. I love it...holds all of my necessities. Y'know, the important stuff!! ;)

My fingers are crossed that you score the place that you want & that you can take us along with you on your journey to decorate it!

Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Kelly said...

I sometimes forget I'm not in college and can't drink like I used to. Being in bed by midnight is always preferable!


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