Monday, March 26, 2012

monday dreaming.

the weather around these parts has been awfully mild for March. i feel like we’re getting a jump start on summer and i’m not prepared. i still have my sweaters and scarves hanging in my closet, and my spring and summer clothes are still neatly packed away in storage.

it was 80 degrees here on friday and i was scrounging at the last minute to find a dress to wear out with friends. while i was digging through my bins of clothes trying to find something to wear and having zero success, i realized how i would love to spruce up my wardrobe to reflect these warmer days. i dream of packing it with some bold colors and fresh new accessories.

while trying on bridesmaids dresses at j.crew this weekend, i couldn’t stop staring at everything in the store.! i couldn't stop dreaming about their clothes! 
these are my top picks:

j.crew spring/summer
j.crew spring/summer by ecoletta

my must-have’s: scalloped shorts, chambray blazer, coral chinos, bright skinnies, polka dot blouse, striped dress, nude suede heels, leather sandals, lobster necklace, mini-hobo, anchor themed bathing suit.


What items would you like to add to your closet for this spring and summer?


wildchild said...

ughhh i want to go shopping so bad. i feel like i need all new clothes. i'm sick of my teenage girl jean shorts. they have their time and place, but i'm ready for classy summer wear. my top picks are more sundresses, always, some colored shorts, and a few more tanks. oh, and new sandals, and bathing suits.

basically just a whole new wardrobe. no big deal.

Morgan Stone said...

hmmm so I was trying to pick my favorite item out of all of these and I can't because they are all AMAZING! Also, I'm dealing with the same thing with my summer clothes being stored away right now! Such a pain, but I'll take it if it means we have warmer weather :) xoxo, morgan

Ashley said...

Your making me itch to go shopping!!! I need some new clothes. Loving these bright colors! Those skinnies are too cute :)

Emily said...

ok now i officially want it all too!! ;) cute stuff!

Kristin W said...

I am really digging scalloped shorts too! I think that has to be my must-have for the season. I better be able to find it somewhere other than J Crew though, because I can not even dish out the funds for those (especially since they may just be "out" by next spring anyhow).

Such great picks!


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