Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a smorgasbord of life happenings.

happenings as of late.

new jewels from my dear friend, jenna at dream weaver.
check out her shop on etsy! 

delicate lace on my new sweater from free people!

delicious lunch at le pain quotidien

we like to match our shoes when out on a costco run.

hello, childhood.

my new niece's birthing announcement!

heading out for a bike ride around dc.
don't let the pink fool you. i'm dangerous on the streets.

hello, abe.

taking a break from our bike ride
at one of our favorite spots - on the steps next to arlington memorial bridge

happy tuesday!


whitney said...

those steps are my fave.

i'd be scared if i saw you riding that bike with that bike helmet of yours.

wildchild said...

I'm a big fan of bike dates. And also those earrings in the first picture. Bravo.

Lottie said...

That blue sky is amazing!

And love The Daughter--made me laugh out loud.

Holly said...

We're into biking around here too! That is if it will stop raining & snowing...

B said...

i love that you wear a helmet too! safety first! russ picks on me for wearing mine :(

Aspiring Kennedy said...

oooooh my gosh... that birth announcement is priceless! i have to show it to my friend, beth. her nephew "rocco" was laid on an italian flag... in new jersey where they live. bellissima :)


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