Friday, March 9, 2012

it's friday. and i'm fancy.

this week's friday's fancies theme, "spring break", comes at the perfect time. if you missed my guest post on cheerios and beer then head on over to check it out. i talked about my spring break trip to cancun - circa 2004 - annnnd it was pretty ridiculous. i still can't believe i posted those pictures.


if i were to do spring break all over again, i wouldn't really change much. the location was perfect. the drinks were delicious (minus the tequila). the company was fun. the memories were unforgettable. 

however, there is one thing i would DEFINITELY change. and that would be my wardrobe

no more puka shell necklaces and no more hollister skirts. 

spring break

i would rock a black bandeau bikini because let's face it, tan lines are the worst. and black makes me look skinnier.
*p.s. any bigger busted girls out there that wear this type of bathing suit? if so, where do you get yours from? i have a few from victoria's secret and mine always, and i mean always, fall down. i don't want my boobs to sag like i'm 80 years old anymore.

i would have a romper with me because it's cuter than a typical terry cloth cover-up and it's still short enough to be scandalous for spring break. just like my old hollister skirt, but better.

clearly have a thing for ray-bans. i never leave home without my wayfarer's, and the same goes for my aviator's. i like to have options.

i'm not a huge fan of wedges but i thought they looked cute with this there you go. 

and no spring break is complete without a beer in hand. lots and lots of beer.

that's right, no tequila for me this time.

what would be your spring break uniform?

have a lovely weekend!


ashlyn williams said...

i seriously WANT your outfit! so cute!

xx :: ashlyn
let it be beautiful

smk053078 said...

You seriously crack me up!! Glad you have said your goodbyes to the Hollister skirt! LOL! This look is so much more grown up!
Because Shanna Said So

Holly said...

I'll take that beer, thank you!! && this year Luke & I are going to Vegas for Spring Break! Haha, not really, it's more like a coincidence, but it's gonna be fun! :)

so anthro said...

Oh my god the puka shell necklaces!! So you're saying we can't bring them back?? :) Love that romper, too fun! And the Corona is the perfect addition :)

Landi {Lou Lou's Life Lessons} said...

I'll take a Corona, please! Love your blog... *Landi

Jayme and Mendi said...

Loving that romper!! And the Corona is a must!! :-) We participated in Friday's Fancies too (#83) and would just love it if you stopped by our blog. Hope you have a great weekend!! Already following you via GFC!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

Lottie said...

I love those shoes! They would cover my awful toes which is hard to find in a sandal.

Bet you're glad you know that ;)

wildchild said...

i've never been on a spring break-like trip and my school doesn't even technically have a spring break, butttt we did decide on a honeymoon last night and it will be jamaica here i come on july 14.

at said tropical destination, i am hoping to be sporting outfits identical to this. that is, when clothes are necessary ;) bathing suits and wedges and drinks in my hand at all times. thanks for the inspiration.

also, i feel your pain with the bandeau tops. i just can't do it. saggy doesn't look good on anyone, no matter how bad tanlines look. let me know if you hear of any good supportive suits.

ally (the ruffled lace) said...

i love the black on the lookout for one this summer xx

Swalskis Know said...

OMG I want want want that romper!!!

Nicole Rene

Kelly said...

I love those shoes. But I'd love having a spring break to wear them on more! :)


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