Thursday, March 1, 2012

tag, you're it.

i was tagged by the lovely ashley in this fun chain game and thought i'd play along. so here i am, posting eleven fun facts about myself and answering 11 fun questions.

1. i am named after my father, eric.
2. i am really skeeved out by raw chicken. and toothpaste. 
3. my front tooth was chipped in half during one crazy night out in college. let's just say a beer bottle and dancing was involved. i had to walk around campus with a chipped tooth for 2.5 weeks. that was cool.
4. i donated 11.5 inches of my hair last year.
5. i have a metal plate in my neck. but it is too small to set off a metal detector.
6. i am an all-american hurdler in track and field.
7. i failed backing up straight on my driving test ... i don't even know.
8. i've traveled to 14 different countries.
9. i'm terrified of flying.
10. i can crack my neck, back, shoulders, wrists, fingers, ankles and toes.
11. i have a fear of public speaking.


1. what is your favorite part about blogging?
connecting with so many lovely bloggers and them turning into real-life friends :)

2. name one thing on your bucket list.
travel all over indonesia. and go skiing in the swiss alps. 
i named two, so sue me.

3. what is your favorite city/place in the world?
if i had to choose my favorite city in the united states it would be san francisco, california. hands down. ::sigh:: one day we will move there. one day.
(we are going back there in september of 2013 for the america's cup. and making a stop in napa. oh, how i can't wait!)

if i had to choose my favorite city outside the united states then it would be florence, italy. i backpacked there in 2006 while studying abroad in madrid, spain and it was such a magical city. i would love to go back one day!

baker beach, san francisco - 2010

alamo square park, san francisco - 2010

standing in front of the duomo in florence. rocking gaucho pants, circa 2006

shopping at the san lorenzo market in florence - 2006

4. if you could tell us a time where you helped a stranger the most, when was it?
last week i served dinner to the homeless. i probably served around 100 strangers. it was really amazing.

5. what's the most adventurous thing you've ever done?
studied abroad in madrid, spain by myself and didn't know a.single.person. annnnd i couldn't really speak spanish.

6. what is your biggest fear?

7. what is your guilty pleasure?
that's easy. i did a post on mine here.

8. can you recall your favorite childhood memory?
spending our summers at lake george in upstate new york with friends and family. we would rent cabins on the lake and spend the days boating, jet skiing, and tubing. at night we would play games and hang out by the campfire making s'mores. *thanks mom and dad :)

9. name a tv show that you watch religiously?
friends. i can quote almost every episode. it's sad, really.

10. what is your biggest pet peeve?
people who snore. can'

11. three things you couldn't live without?
delicious sweets, really comfy socks, and a hair tie. yup.

what sort of fun facts do you have about yourself?
 i'd love to hear them!


whitney said...

i love that you listed you are terrified of flying but have traveled to 14 different countries.

at least you aren't afraid of conquering your fears...or just boozing on the flight so you don't know you are flying.

Lottie said...

Friends is sucha classic--far too much of my brain is used remembering quotes from it--Ross'glow in the dark teeth; Ross' leather pants; I am laughing just thinking about it.

twiggy@thedirtlife said...

ok, the goucho comment made me laugh.

i used to rock these too!!

Ana said...

hahaha I LOVE Friends and I've seen every episode at least twice. I probably know the lines by heart at this point. That might be sad to some.... I think it's awesome. :)

Emily said...

randomly found your blog through "a dash of ash" -- and just had to say hi!! my hubs and i are moving to Princeton this summer, and i think i read that you grew up around there??? we are so excited! oh, and i studied abroad in madrid in college --- small world!! can't wait to be your newest follower :) xoxo

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