Thursday, April 12, 2012

garlic breath.

i love garlic. i love to put it in everything. the more garlic on something, the better. end of story.

although, garlic breath is never better. gross.

so when i stumbled across this dish on pinterest i knew i had to make it. not to mention it's the easiest thing to make. seriously. it took about 10 minutes. now that's my kind of cooking!

hot garlic shrimp and asparagus

the asparagus was perfectly cooked, with just enough crisp. i hate when asparagus is too soggy.  it gets all stringy and nasty. gross. and with just enough red pepper flakes, the dish had the right amount of kick. oh! and the garlic! it was loaded with garlic. chunks of it floated throughout the bowl and i couldn't get enough! scooped up every.last.bite.

it's a good thing i had no plans afterwards because it took many, many hours for my breath to get back to "normal". 

do you like adding garlic to your dishes?


Julie said...

Yum! I love garlic. Back when my husband and I were dating, we were hanging out after I had eaten something with garlic. And he was being all stand-off-ish and wouldn't talk to me. I had to ask what was wrong 100 times before he finally told me that I had garlic breath. It made him feel so awkward. hahaha Buuut I still love garlic.

Lottie said...

Haha at least you were safe from any vampires that might have been hunting in your neighbourhood :)

smk053078 said...

Love me some garlic!! I could eat an entire loaf of garlic bread by my lonesome! ;) Thanks for sharing this recipe...I am all about easy, quick and garlic-y!

B said...

omg i LOVE garlic. Russ and i sometimes roast a whole head and spread it on bread. we always say that its a good thing both of us like it!!

Kristin W said...

Yum! I love a quick recipe. I add garlic to everything. I don't care if the recipe calls for it or not. It's in. And garlic powder? No! Why use that when fresh cloves are so easy?!

Gesci said...

I love garlic- but luckily, so does my husband, so we share the breath. This recipe is giving me some great ideas, though- thanks! I just passed the Liebster award on to you, as well!


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